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Sermorelin, an effective treatment in people’s growth deficiency.

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What is Sermorelin

Sermorelin acetate is a peptide analog of Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone (GHRH) useful for diagnostic purposes and anti-aging treatment. Its function is the stimulation of growth hormone and seems to be a good alternative to synthetic growth hormone (HGH), which can cause adverse effects on pituitary function and it is only allowed in special cases like deficiency of this hormone on children and adults or individuals with AIDS.

How does it work?

Sermorelin is not a substitute for the human growth hormone (HGH) produced by the pituitary, rather it is a promoter of its natural production. The increase of HGH is accomplished by the stimulation of the pituitary giving, as a result, some benefits to individuals during the aging process.

Results and benefits

Sermorelin promotes healthy function of the pituitary by binding to a specific receptor to increase production and secretion of endogenous HGH. The pituitary is an endocrine gland located in the hypothalamus at the base of the brain. It secretes hormones that control growth, blood pressure, the function of sex organs, thyroid glands, metabolism, pregnancy, childbirth, temperature and pain relief among others.

The main difference between Sermorelin and synthetic HGH are the side effects on bone and tissue growth abnormalities, diabetes, heart disease and cancer, whereas Sermorelin does not have any of these adverse effects. Nevertheless, people who use it may have temporary pain, redness, swelling at the place of injection, itching, and trouble in swallowing.

Sermorelin helps in the improvement of a wide variety of the body functions such as muscle mass, the bone mineral density and hence, muscle strength, exercise performance, the metabolic function, energy, libido and sexual performance, and even the improvement of quality life in general. An additional benefit in the use of Sermorelin is the stimulation of fat reduction.

This peptide can regulate the immune function, which is the protection process of an organism against diseases. This function detects any type of threats to start its self-defense and eliminate them.

Sermorelin can help in the prevention of joint deterioration and heart disease. People with arthritis can be benefited by positive results that this peptide brings in the regeneration of joint. Heart disease is related to growth hormone deficiency but if this hormone is reestablished to its optimal levels, heart health can be improved.

Although there is not enough evidence of carcinogen effects of Sermorelin, it is known that RHGH is a mitogenic hormone that can awaken latent cancers. A mitogen promotes the cell division by mitosis, which is the generation of two identical sets of chromosomes originates by a unique original chromosome contained in a cell nucleus; this process, along with by cytokinesis generates the cellular reproduction.

Some people are afraid of developing diabetes due to the use of Sermorelin but this has not been proved by the case studies, although it has been observed that improper doses of RHGH promote metabolic disorders by the alteration of chemical reactions in the body, which could generate temporary symptoms like lethargy, weight loss, jaundice, seizures or more severe permanent symptoms like diabetes.

Sermorelin dosage

It is important that medicated people follow their doctor’s instructions with accuracy because depending on the problem, doses will be suited in quantity, frequency and period.


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2 reviews for Sermorelin

  1. wisdom

    I have chosen the sermorelin, because it is one of the most studied and safe peptides and is used in medicine. Delivery is very fast, I’m really happy! I put on 200 mg 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening, the course was a month. The first few days after the injections, a slight dizziness was felt, then this effect disappeared. I wanted to do tests on STG, but unfortunately it did not work. I didn’t feel any effects in terms of training, strength was slightly reduced, cortisol probably increased, although this prep should not cause this, again it is necessary to make tests to understand what has changed. The relief has improved a bit, I noticed that, and the most noticeable effect is the improvement in the quality and speed of hair growth, they have become very tough, they have never been such, and I often went to the hairdresser. I think the drug works, but there are no significant changes in terms of bodybuilding.

  2. ironcowboy

    Was used with ipamorelin. 400 ip and 200 sermorelin. The injections were done at 6 in the morning to starve the stomach (naturally). Term 2 months (and three). Very noticeably I got rid of the fat on the belly. The general condition was on the rise. Since I am in my late 40s then without the tests it was clear that the drug was working, it was not a bad thing to return to a young age. Good!

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