PEG-MGF, the benefits of MGF but with prolonged effects.


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What is PEG-MFG

Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor (PEG-MGF) is a variant of the IGF gene, recognized as a peptide and mainly used for recovery after exercise. It has the capability of repairing damaged muscle tissue in a better way than the known IGF-1 (a peptide that contributes to childhood growth and has anabolic effects in adults).

How does it work?

PEG-MGF is a derivative peptide based on improved MGF, which is designed to repair the broken down muscle fibers due to overcharge (mostly caused by weight training). It stimulates the creation of new muscle fibers, muscle growth and the promotion of uniform growth of individual’s physique.

Results and benefits

Due to a short life of injected MGF, it is necessary to make use of a substance called Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) that provides protection for MGF molecules so it can survive in the body at a longer time. PEG by itself does not have any reaction on the body and it has been approved by the FDA as a vehicle for use in food and cosmetics as well as in pharmaceutical formulations. This substance brings a solution on MGF to be used as a convenient injected treatment. PEG allows a reduction of the dosing frequency of some medical compounds while increases the amount of time the cell sits at the target site, which increases the drug concentration but can cause damage by enzymes that react against the cell.

PEG-MGF causes a continuous production of satellite cells on muscle fibers to stimulate the hypertrophy process (the increase in the size of skeletal muscle through a growth in the size of its component cells) in mature muscles. Satellite cells stimulate muscle regeneration by creating a reserve population of cells ready to proliferate in response to a muscular injury.

This peptide favors the retention of nitrogen, which allows measuring the amount of protein present in the body. Protein is a key nutrient for bodily tissues and it is the raw material from which muscles are built.

PEG-MGF increases muscle protein synthesis, which promotes muscle growth. When exercise is practiced, muscle experiences small micro-tears and blood flow increases in the involved area, what stimulates a reaction on this protein to repair affected muscle. This process allows the muscle becomes stronger and larger.

Some side effects may occur due to the consistent use of PEG-MGF. This peptide can cause redness on the face and itchy skin, which are mainly associated with allergic reactions or as a response to inflammation of the blood vessels of the skin.

PEG-MGF dosage

This peptide is still in its initial research phase, which means that no optimal dose is recommended. But people who have used it prefer an injected dose of 200 mcg two times a week to accomplish better results.


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