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What is MGF

Mechano Growth Factor (MGF) is a variant of the IGF gene, which allows the maturation of muscle fiber and increases stem cell count in muscle. Natural MGF happens locally during the growth of adult muscle. The application of this peptide is through an injected manner and it makes use of synthetic MGF, which is a water-based compound administered intramuscularly. Its stability endures only for a few minutes. This peptide is mostly used for overall growth of muscle.

How does MGF work?

MGF is produced to repair the broken down muscle fibers due to resistance (activities such as weight training). It stimulates the creation of new muscle fibers, muscle growth and the promotion of growth in body parts that are not proportional to the individual’s physique.

Results and benefits

Muscle fiber behavior is directly related to the activity of satellite cells located on muscle fibers, which act as a reserve population of cells ready to proliferate in response to an injury. They have the faculty to regenerate muscle while produces more satellite cells. The use of MGF causes a continuous production of satellite cells to stimulate the hypertrophy process (the increase in the size of skeletal muscle through a growth in the size of its component cells) in mature muscles.

MGF allows a more rapid muscle growth process than results obtained from IGF-1 (a hormone that contributes to childhood growth and has anabolic effects in adults), that is an important feature of MGF highlighting its advantages over other compounds that are in search of similar purposes.

Use of MGF can result in an incredible body fat loss that is viewed as a secondary effect of its use. This peptide has the particularity of developing an increase of pumps due to a rise of blood flow in muscles tissues that receive more oxygen and nutrients while are doing a physical activity. MGF can produce muscle fullness derived from the storage of higher amounts of glycogen in muscles. In addition, it can develop vascularity, defined as highly visible, prominent and extensively ramified superficial veins.

People prefer using growth stimulators in their attempt to obtain growth in specific muscle groups of the body, nevertheless, there is no evidence about the benefits of localized injections of MGF to promote growth in a targeted isolated area.


A dose of 200-400 mcg taken 3 times a week is recommended. The major problem of MGF resides in its short half-life calculated between five to seven minutes. This is the cause that this peptide is forced to be used immediately after workout and just in damaged muscle tissue (as it will not be effective on healthy muscle tissue).


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