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Melanotan acts as a non-selective agonist of the melanocortin receptors. Also known as melanin injections, Melanotan injections or tanning injections.

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Melanotan (MT-2) is a synthetic peptide, the analogue of a natural hormone that enhances the melanocortin tan (the production of melanin through melanocytes, which determines and makes it possible to tan), thus reducing the risk of sun damage and other harmful effects of solar radiation and solarium.

How does Melanotan work?

Melanocortin is a polypeptide with a hormonal activity, produced in the pituitary gland and stimulating the creation and release of melanin by melanocytes cells of the skin and hair, as well as the pigmented layer of the retina. Melanocytes are specialized skin cells that produce melanin. Melanin in its turn is the pigment that determines the color of skin, hair, eyes, responsible for protection against damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation, scattering its action and turning into heat. The tanning process in the body takes its place along with the production of pigment in the skin cells. This pigment, melanin, is produced by the melanocytes located in the upper layer of the skin. A stimulation of melanocytes to produce melanin is done by hormone melanocortin. The tanning process is known as melanogenesis in the scientific circles.
The natural process of skin cells melanogenesis runs as protection against the harmful effects of ultra-violet radiation and protection of skin cells DNA from damage caused by UV radiation. Melanin is capable of absorbing harmful UV rays and converting them into harmless heat through a process called ultrafast internal conversion. This feature allows you to dissipate almost all harmful UV radiation, converting it into heat and protecting the skin from harmful UV effects that
in its turn causing burns or destroying the DNA of skin cells, thus causing melanoma (skin cancer). Melanotan-2 is an analog of the natural hormone melanocortin stimulating melanocytes to produce melanin.

Melanotan results

The preparation is characterized by a narrow action and provides:

  • noteworthy tan;
  • increases libido and erection (within 2 hours after the first injection);
  • suppresses appetite.

Melanotan 2 dosage

The standard reception procedure implies taking a single dose of Melanotan 2 in the amount of 1 mg (exact calculation per kilogram is not required, as the doses vary widely), start with 250mkg a day and within 4 days add another 250mkg gradually. On the fourth day increase the dose up to 1mg and stick to this level until the desired tan is achieved.


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6 reviews for Melanotan 2

  1. DrIceHigh

    an excellent option for people who work hard, have little rest, but want to look beautiful! Tan always looks great. Time is not enough for this, but the result exceeds all expectations

  2. otakumuscle

    Week of injections and 3 times in the solarium – I am very brown. But I put 4 stars, because there is a headache and discomfort on the day of the injection.

  3. Jessica

    I have fair hair and it’s impossible for me to have good tan! Either I burn immediately, or I need to sunbathe a couple of weeks for a little bit so as not to climb and darken a little! My friend from the gym advised me melanotan. I have bought it for the first time! I did not hesitate and took immediately 100 mg. I took it 3 days and after I went to the solarium. First time it was 5 minutes, the next day 10 and then again 10 minutes. The result was shocking! In the usual mode without the “chalk” I would be red as a cancer and my skin would peel off for sure! And here for the 4th day in the gym 5 people asked me where I was having a holiday! I can’t say that I became black, but tan looks like after a month holiday at sea! I remember such a tan on my skin only once in my life, and then after a month in the sea! And here I got it on the 4th day. I used 1 bottle during two months. Two months left but my skin is still tanned. It looks like I have just returned from the sea! Great! Thank you! I take it into service and now I’ll take it to the reserve so that it will always be in the first aid kit, since it’s been stored for a long time! … Yes … I forgot to write … I thank God I did not feel any unpleasant pills … in the first day, I do not know from it or just overstrained in training (not in the first), could not all night fall asleep …. until the morning and then slept half a day! “But the riser from it exactly comes! In the morning, wake up in the “hut” from the blanket!

  4. waiting365

    I will continue my review of the acquired hgh frag and melanotan 2. I put 400mg daily, 3 times in a solarium for 6 minutes and after a week and a half I am a local resident of Zimbabwe.

  5. BigStugots

    I took melanotan and it is not the first time it helps me. I have taken three different brands of melanotan recently. I can say that melanotan from GoPeps is the mildest one. Tan is very smooth for 1.5-2 weeks without moles, etc. A tube of 10mg was enough for 2 people perfectly.

  6. Rusty

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