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Obesity problems? Burn fat with AOD-9604 peptide.


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What is AOD-9604

AOD-9604 (Advanced Obesity Drug) also known as Lipotropin is a drug used in obesity treatment originally manufactured by Metabolic Pharmaceuticals. It is a peptide derived from amino acids 176-191 of the GH polypeptide, which enhances fat reducing effects. One of the advantages of this drug is the absence of adverse effects on blood sugar and insulin resistance. AOD-9604 has shown potential effects to repair cartilage and muscle, and it is often used in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

How does it work?

Individuals who need to maintain a certain height or those with obesity problems use AOD-9604. Most people use it to build muscle mass. AOD-9604 works by mimicking the function of human growth hormone in the regulation of burning fat metabolism. At the same time, it increases the activity of beta-3 receptors, which are relevant to overall metabolism. It is also known for its properties in the lipolysis stimulation, resulting in fat destruction.

Results and benefits

AOD-9604 is considered safe and people who have used have not suffered from any side effects. However, its efficacy has not been as good in daily use as on laboratory tests. In fact, some studies have shown that AOD-9604 does not cause changes in body composition.

Some obese people who have used it the experienced headache, chest tightness, palpitations and euphoric feelings. These side effects should be considered in contrast to the benefits that AOD-9604 could bring.
In spite of AOD-9604 is based on Growth Hormone amino acids, which may cause problems related to insulin insufficiency, it does not present any negative effect on carbohydrate metabolism or other effects related to hyperglycemia, confirming it as a secure drug to the human metabolism.

The consumption of this drug has not presented any problem related to immunogenicity, which means that it is well-tolerated by the human organism. There have been no cases of allergy or bad tolerance. If a patient has to take AOD-9604 for a long-term, it is advisable to be aware of its side effects.
Due to its ability to stimulate lipolysis, some people are using AOD-9604 as a food supplement. The FDA has legally approved it, allowing its use as a food additive in the US; the approved use is at a level of up to 1 mg per day.
There are reports of the low efficacy of AOD-9604 on oral treatments, because of that injected treatment has become more popular all over the market.

AOD-9604 Dosage

AOD-9604 is prescribed for people attempting to lose weight, although there is no stipulated dosage of this drug, it’s injected the dosage of 300 mcg/day given at bedtime.


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  1. DrJIM

    A month later I am very pleased. I’m waiting for the moment when I will be available to buy a new pack for myself and my wife. Damn, that’s who knew that this drug would be bought so fast, if I knew that I would immediately buy 2 more packs of it. I’m not going to buy it in another store. I made a mistake 2 times buying in another stores, but thanks God the third time I bought in ­ and I did the right choice.

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