How to pay by credit card using Skrill

Currently Skrill is considered one of the most popular digital wallets on the Internet. It can boast of many millions of users worldwide. The main advantage of Skrill is its safety and security. That’s why many venture companies prefer using Skrill as a means of accepting payments. In this tutorial we will demonstrate you how to sign up in the system, upload money via credit card, and make payments.

Steps required for registration

#1: Visit Skrill’s website and sign up in the system to create a Skrill account. Hit this link.

#2: Enter your data on the registration page. Do not forget to check that all information you provide is accurate. Below you can read the instruction for setting up a Skrill account.

#3: Confirm your email address and select “Cards and bank accounts”, then “Add credit or debit card

#4: Add your credit card details and hit “Save” button.

#5: To check your credit card you need to click on “Verify

#6: See your verification data and then hit the “Debit Amount and verify” button.

If you contact your bank or credit card company and notify them about these transactions in advance, then the whole process will pass faster.

In your statement you may verify that amount.

What’s more, there’s an option to contact a bank and validate the amount.

Contact the team if there is any need for help.

#7: Verification complete, select “Upload” to make a deposit on your Skrill account.

#8: Here you can choose a payment method, then proceed by clicking on Continue

#9: Enter the amount you would like to be deposited onto your account.

Next you should type the security code of your credit card

After that feel free to hit the “Upload” button.

Attention: the maximum amount of funds you can deposit to your account depends on your verification status. Our team can tell you about ways of increasing a limit.

#10: Once the amount of money you’ve chosen is transferred to your account, you can pay for our services online.

#11: Finally, in order to make payments for our services on this site, you need to go to the “Contact us” section, select the most suitable option and make your payment. It will take little time.