Buying bitcoins with your credit card

Nowadays it’s no secret that bitcoins have been in wide usage quite more than for a while, but even modern Internet users are not really aware of such useful things, for example “Ways of buying bitcoins via a credit card.”

So, here and now it’s time I helped you solve that interesting question. I will clearly show you all possible online platforms, which are absolutely safe and secure, so that you could buy bitcoins without any taking of risks .

Currently, there are more than tens of reliable markets where you can use debit or credit cards to get some bitcoins, but most of them have are full of drawbacks and have a rather high commission fee. At this particular moment I’m going to feature only those platforms for buying bitcoins that have really low commission fees, excellent support and trustworthy safety levels.

Most popular methods:

* Buying bitcoins with credit card on

* Buying bitcoins with a credit card on LocalBitcoins

* Buying bitcoins with credit card on Coinbase

* Buying bitcoins with credit card on Coinmama

* Buying bitcoins with a credit card on BitPanda

First things first, I’m not going to beat around the bush, let’s carry on with the essential part and a versatile review telling you about the five best bitcoins online platforms where you can use your credit card in order to buy bitcoins.



Back in the year of 2013, has established itself as one of the most reliable portal to deal with cryptocurrencies online. I have many reasons why I decided to list it here as the best portal to buy bitcoins with your credit card.

The most important parameters:

*Large international support. (Mostly in any country in the world, plus 24 states are included in the new list!)

*Detailed overviews each occasion. (Sales, history of transactions, current status of a credit balance).

*Very fast data processing: you don’t have to await the time when bitcoins will be reflected in your wallet.

*Fast account.

Constant customer support (365 * 24 * 7), you can also use Live Chat.

Deposit commission fee (3.25% + 0.25 USD), small fee to withdraw funds (3.80%)

Step-by-step guide on buying bitcoins with your credit card from

Register on using any of the available options. (The use of Facebook login is the fastest one, but I would recommend to maintain higher security)

Click the “Buy / Sell” button at the top of the page.

Indicate the number of bitcoins you want to buy. You can either hit a predefined amount, or type in your own user amount.

A pop-up window will appear asking you to make a deposit to your account. So just click on the fund account button.

Hit the button “Add a new card”.

Type your card data and proceed by clicking on Continue.

At the moment you make a deposit, the bitcoins will be instantly transferred to your!


Storing your bitcoins on the stock exchange market (no matter how safe and secure in terms of reputation) is the worst possible bitcoin management tactics that you could ever stick to. That can only mean that you should remove your bitcoins to your wallet as quickly as possible. Aren’t sure which one to choose? Explore the list of the best Bitcoin wallets on this site!


2). LocalBitcoins


LocalBitcoins is certainly featured in almost all discussions on this portal, it’s just the vibes the platform has accumulated to give off. Not long ago we wrote some notes on how to buy bitcoins using Paypal, and LocalBitcoins was our top choice you should consider.

The most interesting parameters:


* Feedback and reputation: you deal only with traders with a good, trustworthy reputation and transaction history. No scams at all.

* The trust level of the seller can be easily and thoroughly checked.

* Commission fee is low

*Several payment methods available

The bond service ensures a guarantee that your funds are protected.

You can find best local traders offering the best deals nearby.

Step-by-step guide on buying with Credit card from LocalBitcoins:

Choose “National Back transfer” among payment methods


Go to LocalBitcoins, type in how much of your local currency that you are willing to spend, and choose your country.

A list of all traders that accept these payment methods is going to appear. Select the most trustworthy seller you see from the list. (Do not know how to do this? Our article on how to buy bitcoins using PayPal consists of a section on finding the most trusted seller from the list of local bitcoins, feel free to check it out!)

Type the exact number of bitcoins that you would like to buy, add a message (optional) and click on “Send Trade Request”.


You need to wait until the seller can confirm your request. As soon as they do it, they will send you bank details, where he or she wants to receive payment. Just follow the instructions (if any) written by them and perform a transaction successfully.

You may also utilize your credit / debit card or wire transfer to send the amount to the seller. I just used my credit card to send the amount straight to my bank.

Mark the incoming message as “paid” as soon as you will have paid the amount.

Once they receive the proper amount, the local bitcoins from the bond will be automatically sent to your account.

Quick tip as a bonus:

The best feature that LocalBitcoins has is the fact that you can find a lot of payment methods to choose from. So just select any other option if the National Bank Transfer doesn’t suit you, for instance Perfect Money, add finances to your Perfect Money account via your credit card, and after that just send these PM funds to your seller.

Any other method of local bitcoins can be treated the same way.

#3 Coinbase


Coinbase is one of the most popular and world renown brands in the bitcoins online industry. Consequently, the trust factor does not need a new validation. 6.6Million active user audience clearly reflects its capabilities and reputation.

  • The most attractive features:
  • Low commission fee: – only 3,75%
  • Supports up to 33 Countries.
  • $ 10 worth BTC Bonus for purchases worth more than $ 100

Steps for buying BTC via a credit card from Coinbase:

Register on Coinbase filling in an easy and quick registration form.

Choose “Accounts” (on the sidebar) then payment methods (top panel).

On the next page, click on “Add a payment method”.

Choose a credit / debit card as an option.

Type in your card details on the next page.

The card will require validation, and you will be asked to send some government ID doc. which should not be a problem and in fact is a security feature, and I’m absolutely content about it.

In any case, as soon as the verification is done, hit “Buy / Sell” on the left sidebar.

On the next page, just type the number of bitcoins you would like to buy, select the payment method and choose what source you wish the BTC to be deposited to.

When going to the next page, simply validate the transaction.

And you did it! BTC will be deposited to the wallet you entered. Now you easily buy some peptides from GoPeps 😉

Extra Info:

You may purchase coins worth up to $ 150 a week via a credit card from Coinbase.

This is the limit that they introduced to stabilize finances and eradicate any fraud activity that may appear.

#3 CoinMama


CoinMama is on this list for the basic reason that they are proud to specialize in purchasing Bitcoins via a credit card. In fact their motto says “Buy bitcoins with a credit card or cash.” So they take it to heart for sure.

The most advantageous features:

*No identity verification needed for transactions up to $ 150.

*High limits: – $ 5,000 per day and / or $ 20,000 per month!

*The fee is only 6.75%, for the credit card 5% extra commission fee

Steps for buying bitcoins via a credit card on CoinMama:

On the home page, simply choose or enter the exact number of coins you would like to purchase.

Sign up by proceeding to the next screen

Sign in and simply select “Buy bitcoins”.

Enter the exact number of bitcoins you would like to purchase. (In the first attempt it was a mere demo version, a way to get to the registration page!)

Choose “Debit / credit card” when moving to the next screen. (However, this is the only option!)

On the next page type in the address of the Bitcoin-purse where you want to receive the coins, and click the button “Proceed to the payment button”.

Make certain that the address is displayed the right way in the pop-up window that shows itself, and then click on “Proceed to Payment”.

Type your card information on the next page and click “Next”.

The payment will soon pass through Simplex and to your bank account. In any case, as soon as it is completed (which takes a couple of seconds maximum), bitcoins appear in your Bitcoin wallet in the blink of an eye.


The things I dislike about it:

The price, which is shown on the website, already has a fee of 6.75%. (The value of the exchange rates is much higher!)

What’s more, for each transaction an additional fee of 5% is present on Simplex (or any other payment processor that they utilized).