Buying bitcoins using cash

Bitcoins rapid increase in price boomed literally in a heartbeat, but although they are widely spread as a demanded currency, many people still wonder how to buy bitcoins with cash. So, here and at this moment we can help you to get to know how to do it.

Currently there are lots of different reasons why you can look for methods of buying bitcoins using cash. First of all, this method is conventional and implies transactions with cash. Moreover, you won’t need to trust in other people or make any additional payments in advance in case you are not certain about the trader’s honesty.



* Buying bitcoins with cash on LocalBitcoins

* Buying bitcoins with cash on Paxful

* Buying bitcoins with cash on social media websites

* Buying bitcoins with cash on self-hosted sites or in online communities


Well, it’s time to guide you step-by-step on your way through buying bitcoins using cash.

#1 LocalBitcoins platform


Basically, LocalBitcoin platform was always top priority for my personal choice in many tutorials on buying bitcoins with cash that I happened to write.

It’s just because it has every type of payment method that’s available in the world, for any coutry and of course this is also the right case for buying bitcoins with cash.

Above all, you need to visit LocalBitcoins website and type in the exact sum of conventional currency you wish to get exchanged for Bitcoin.

After that you can proceed by choosing your country and currency. As for the method of payment, look through the list and select the “In-person cash” item.

By the time you click the search button, you’ll have gotten the list of sellers offering their exchange of BTC currency for cash. Then you can select the most trustworthy seller that is featured in the list. (If you are particularly interested in ways of buying BTC using PayPal, read our article to find out how to collect data and calculate the most beneficial way of exchange and check the trader’s trust score by yourself).

Well, now you can hit the trader’s link by clicking on “Buy”.

On the right there’s a side bar showing you meeting details, you can choose options that suit you, be that the exact time, place, or whatever, and if you accept them all, move on to the next step then.

Send a message about your exchange offer to the seller and hit the “Send trade request” button.

Your request accepted, there’s an opportunity for you to talk the details of the potential deal in the chat window and finally make an appointment in reciprocally confirmed place. That step completed, it’s time to meet the seller in person to pay them for exchange.

When the deal is done, you need to click on “Mark Payment complete” to close it.

Once your payment is marked complete and the seller confirms it on their side using this device, the proper amount of BTC is allotted from LocalBitcoins bond to be transferred to you.

LocalBitcoins advantages:


* Thanks to bond services successful trades are guaranteed

* Support provided internationally (to 99% of all countries)

* 99% of world currencies are supported

* Trader reputation rate, trust score and reliability is verified on the basis of their previous transactions in the system

* No need to verify your identity

* Low commission: only 1%  of the transaction sum


LocalBitcoins drawbacks:

* No serious drawbacks

#2 Paxful


As for me, Paxful serves as an excellent alternative of LocalBitcoins when I have an urgent need to get some bitcoins.

To be more exact, I mean that Paxful shares a number of similarities with LocalBitcoins in a way they function, and it is actually a good place for you to look for new people that are ready to trade their bitcoins for cash if you arrange meeting in person.

First things first, go to Paxful and select “Buy Bitcoins”.

Type the amount of money, preferable currency and your country. In the payment method section choose the “meet in person” option, hit the “search” button and continue with clicking on “search”.

As a good option, one may click on “Give me the best”, and they’ll see the best seller available at a given moment for them personally according to their details, so there won’t be any need to manually set up search parameters.

On account of your hitting the search button, now you can choose any trader from the list below according to their rate, location, minimum or maximum option, and if everything suits you, then it’s time you set up a deal by clicking on “Buy now”.

In the moment you hit “But now”, the Bitcoins are transferred to the Paxful bond storage. At that stage all you need to do is make an appoint with a seller according to the mutual agreement. The site has a chat window for you to discuss the transaction details with the seller.

After your meeting the seller and paying him the right amount of money, you need to head over to your Paxful account and confirm the deal by clicking on “I have paid the seller as requested”.

The moment the seller validates your transaction, bitcoins stored in the Paxful bond are transferred to your account.

As a matter of fact, Paxful and LocalBitcoins functioning is based on the similar mechanism, therefore if you’re up to getting bitcoins with cash, these two options should make the right choice for you among your top priorities.

Paxful advantages:

* Absolutely no commission fee for the buyer

* The trader/seller fee is as low as only 1%

* International currencies and many countries are supported

* Convenient interface

* Bond service ensures your money is prtotected

* Validation of seller reputation

Paxful drawbacks:

No real drawbacks

#3 Buying bitcoins on social media websites

Social media websites offer much more than just network building and mere communication. The thing is that we don’t use all the functions they feature.

Social media online portals such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and even Instagram etc., are a great way to find any person you want for any kind of activity. These are not “official” platforms for selling and trading bitcoins, but they are performing that function, and this is also with no commission fee for being a mediator!

That implies you do not have to pay any social media platform any fee for arranging a sale, which is certainly a good perk that you obtain.

3.1) Facebook


For example, Facebook is much more than just a social media thing. Among those numerous smart features that we have been introducing lately, one of them is the “Buy and Sell” thing in the groups and communities.

Thus you just need to head over to any group connected with bitcoin sales, which has decently good audience and click on “add a new section of messages,” and then select “More> Sell Something” option.

In that case create your own post, for example. The headline should describes the amount you would like to exchange a traditional currency for, type your location and other necessary data.

3.2) Reddit


Nowadays Reddit is considered one of the most famous and versatile communities in the world. You can literally come across a subreddit for almost any topic on this Earth, from plain laces to spaceship building.

Now this huge range of subreddits is what you can use to look for compatible business partners who are willing to sell Bitcoins to you on a P2P basis (from person to person).

Just visit the Reddit website and find the “Bitcoins”, “Buy bitcoins”, “Sell bitcoins” or any other related thing you might also be interested in. It will provide you with a list of all the subreddits on this topic.

Just go to any subreddit and find that thread that is most likely to match your requirements.

After you have found the needed thread, read the description of the thread and, if it fits what you find suitable, you can just comment your contact information so that the seller will be able to contact you.

3.2) Linkedin


Linkedin might have become truly the best and only “professional” social network in the world – another platform for getting bitcoins in cash. Just like Facebook groups, Linkedin also has its own “communities”, i.e. places where like-minded folks can flock together.

All you need to do is enter the “bitcoin” phrase in the search bar and click on  “Groups”.

Then choose any group that seems to have a large enough membership and you will have to ask to join it.

After you are in the group, just send a message or thread indicating your intentions, places and T & C. If this is an active group where buying and selling are not prohibited or banned, your post will be seen by other interested parties who are ready to help you with buying bitcoins in cash.

3.4) Google+ Communities


In a way sharing some similarities with the concept of the Facebook Group, Google+ communities also enable you to search for a specific group, find and meet people, and then purchase bitcoins using cash.

Simply enter “bitcoins / buy bitcoins” or any other similar term in the search bar.

Of course, some kinds of search results, such as buying bitcoins with credit cards or debit cards or Paypal, etc. might pop up on the screen, but do not try to click on them, but instead just press the enter button to do the searching. Now you will see a list of groups and people arose from your search query.

Now you decide whether to find a group or a person and make a deal with them.

Important Tip: Finding and landing a person who wants to sell you Bitcoins instantly in Google+ communities is a bit more complicated thing than that of on other websites.

Thus, we suppose that the most proper approach will be to join any other community that is somehow connected with bitcoin sales, even a community specializing in buying bitcoans with Paypal / Credit / Debit cards, and so on. Talk to and get to know new people there for a relatively long time, try to comprehend why they are members of the community and what are their true motives, and after getting an approximate idea about a specific group, you are most likely that to send someone you can trust a message, and they will definitely let you buy bitcoins with cash from them.

Anyways, there are no magic pills in a form of “steps” such as how to buy bitcoins with cash on social media websites. In a nutshell, it’s just looking for the right person and purchasing BTC from them. You can send them a request by email, tweet, chat with them on a Facebook messenger or even send pigeons, if you are a conservative type of guy. There is no specific rule of a thumb as to how you can make a proper financial deal online.

#4 Buying bitcoins with cash on self-hosted sites or in online communities

Online social communities have some little differences from social media websites.

Generally speaking, there is more “search and study” present on the social community, rather than “chatting, liking or commenting.”

There are plain communication features, without any doubts, but they are initially concentrated on uniting groups of people according to their interests, rather than giving them an opportunity to exchange messages for the sake of mere communication.

4.1 Meetup


Today Meetup is can be called the best among the best online communities that you may utilize to make the most of the P2P deals power.

This basically offers you the perfect chance to join various groups and communities of different kinds based on your interests. All you have to do is to start being a member of any group dedicated to Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency or Digital Trading, and meet new people who may be ready to sell BTC to you.

As it was already mentioned, the participants in the Meetup meeting make an appointment at a predetermined date and time to discuss, accumulate and exchange different ideas.

The same host of opportunities can be used to buy using cash without any high risk, given that you will never feel lonely and left out or isolated, instead the entire group of participants will be present to support you on the spot.

The bottom line:

I do agree that most of the methods mentioned and explained in this tutorial were not so common, but anyways they really help you to buy bitcoins in cash either way. If somehow the example with LocalBitcoins or Paxful do not cut it for you, social networks will certainly happen to become a secret gun in your arsenal.